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She usually sits in some extremely awkward positions that make you give up and just go missionary. Uh, Mr. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Without being there it is impossible to know exactly what was going on. If a woman is on the bed, naked and feeling unsure. You seem to be saying that b is rape. I just do not see it. She is afraid- yes. She is afraid of being judged. She is afraid she may not enjoy it or any of other things but she is looking to the man to help her feel ok and safe. She wonders if she let herself down or if her friends would call her a slut if they knew.

The guy has done nothing wrong. He has waited and been sensitive. He has hopefully made her cum a few times and now he hopes she will see it as a liberating experience and the start of a great relationship. It was just that she had some inhibitions to overcome. He wonders if he has encouraged her to do something she will be ashamed of. The article was simply advice to avoid a woman who has these conflicts. This is hard on women who need this help but probably wise as this culture tends to seem bad intent in men even when it is not there. BlackAsshat forgot c.

Fucking reading comprehension, bub. Cue visits from angry douchcanoes, who blame everything on David. I kinda considered pulling up a vague description of murder and then putting a positive spin on it, but that seemed like too much work. Nobody here said intercourse was rape. However, intercourse when your partner is afraid and pushing you away is rape.

This about the dude getting off. And it is described as the Women seeking sex tonight Matlock worst type of sex you can have. And trying to spin it like it is……. Actually I am more in agreement with you over Roosh than you might think. On one level it was an adventure story and a farce as well as a look at a man I absolutely do not want to be. He basically humiliated himself all around S America not getting laid until he finally arrived in Brazil where he met what seems a wonderful woman that was everything he dreamed of while setting out. He fell head over heels in love but had to break both his heart and hers so that he could continue the same humiliating lifestyle.

Some pick up is good. It tells you how to put women at ease, be funny and generally create a good vibe. It makes work a lot more fun. I am opposed to the PU lifestyle because it is all about chasing something just beyond reach. Over time it causes men to like women less. The same goes with sex positive feminists. The more sex the less empathy. I have no idea why. I understand they have now retracted this. Black Fedora: Without being there it is impossible to know exactly what was going on.

All the rest of your blather is morally spineless. There is a word for the rhetorical devices you Women seeking sex tonight Matlock using, that word is apology. You are making excuses for rape. The fuck? My redress is ill-defined. The shit you make up… shocker, I know, is all about justifications to make it not rape. We use modified location modalities, which you will learn about in module 3, to put you west of the women of your dreams! Then, using our patented Over The Moon system, we will triangulate your position.

Or is that still just the KKK? Game, even at its worst pick up lines, pre prepared stories and so on are no more manipulative than a push up bra. Actually the scripted stuff is out of fashion anyway. These days it is all about finding the true you and bringing it out. The real person- the person we were born to be- is always more charismatic that the person we try to be. Go fuck yourself you disigenous twit. Manipulating people and, oh yeah, fucking raping them is so much worse than wearing a pushup bra. Infact what the fuck is wrong with a push up bra? Convincing guys your boobs are bigger than they are?

Safe for work. Sort of. I mean… ladies, bra. There really is no difference between the two. One is no better than the other. I honestly believe this. Pushing my breasts together with a bra is the same as using manipulative language in order to get into a persons pants?

How would you know? They could be PUA or just clueless. The man who makes you feel the center of the world and quite wonderful on the other hand could also be a PUA but your circular logic discounts this. The man who makes me feel this is a very talented geologist. But probably a bad boyfriend because ouch my hand. Because bras are evil…… Evil bras.

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Which have no uses except to tempt men. So how did PC attitudes and Einstein relate to the War again?

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Why is making the goal of your life the pursuit of women a bad thing? I pursue women all the time. Spoiler space: There is no man like this in my life. Sadly I only understood about half the words. Also, there is nothing wrong with a man learning to be funny. What is wrong is a man learning how to be as manipulative as fuck, which is a big part of what puas advocate.

I have no idea why you keep telling me you are intentionally single. I accept this and it is a valid life choice. Which kinds of sports bras? The ones that make your boobs flat, or the ones with underwire? Ignore the fact that we have mention multiple times that the problem is manipulation.

And the fact the PUAs sites are often rape apologists. And every other problem.

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Rather unclear. If you mean boyfriend or whatever just fucking say it, instead of using bs analogies. God, Black Fedora you are as dumb as a rock. The ways they use to try to get in bed are as manipulative as fuck. They say all that shit online, and admit to being puas. I know this is hard, but yes, I can judge people for what they fucking type and what they recommend. I was thinking chest-flattening bras, but this is a zombie conversation, so anything goes, really. Close Menu Comments Policy. About David Futrelle. Support the Mammoth! A Glossary. Here, as brain bleach, are some cats with smaller versions of themselves: Share this:.

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Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Black Fedora: Guess my age. I need the lulz. Critical Dragon David Futrelle Seriously? The Black Fedora. What is the kindest thing to do? Is is. So he feels guilty.

Women seeking sex tonight Matlock

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