What a man wants romance

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His manhood is not the only plaything that can please your man.

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Let him know his body is as precious to you as yours is to him. Work the magic and keep him gasping! The neck is one mischievous part of his body that can send down shivers of ecstasy down his spine if handled correctly. The human neck has an erotically strong concentration of nerve endings, and a gentle bite or lick or just kisses can turn the whole ball game around.

Start from the basics, master it like a pro and proceed to perfection. Related reading: 7 secrets about sex women wish men knew. Related reading: Is it healthy to have Casual Sex? You cannot get intimate without the titillating ear nibbles. Your man loves it, and this will keep him begging for more.

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Ear lobes, the inner lining and the backs of his ears are your mission targets that you need to stimulate with utmost dedication and willingness. Gentle breaths and subtle moans can spice things up to a greater extent. But be careful, your man wants to get aroused, not drown in sloppy ear kisses. Be firm, but tender, and focus on the little things that make him go crazy. Related reading: 12 s your husband is having sex outside the marriage. Needless to say, his penis plays a massive role pun intended in directing your intimate acts of love making.

What remains underrated is the slow caress or brush of fingers across his manhood, when all mainstream attention is focused on the oral act. A light touch across his shaft or just benign touches to his frenulum will make your man go weak in his knees. Do not rough it up immediately, but take it ever so slow and steady and let it build up. A safely hidden away literally secret spot that your man has is this small area between his anus and his crotch.

This zone is a super sensitive zone that your man might be a little shy about, but you definitely need to explore. Often unfortunately ignored, this hidden treasure chest and the right way of stimulating it holds the golden key to the most amorous experience you can ever live with your man.

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