Virgin looking for a fuck buddy

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Am not interested in relationships and commitment at the moment just a reminder. We agreed we go on my pace, since I figured I will lose my virginity to this guy, but not on the first night of encounter, maybe later. Ever since, I have been really thinking about him and the whole idea of sleeping with him and the idea of friends with benefits for the past 10 days.

What if this thinking means am falling for him? We share some of our music tastes, and I end up listening to the same tunes him and I love often. I am always worried that I will end up developing feelings for him unintentionally and eventually fall for him.

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I have been deeply thinking often about our soon to be meeting, even to the smallest detail like What am going to wear! I thought it would be rude to just start up a convo with him while he is probably having fun with his family and friends. Am I being overly anxious? Am I unknowingly falling for him even before we meet? OR is it normal worry jusging by situation potentially losing my virginity to him. You have no idea how much our hormones wreak havoc during and after sex.

You think your crazy now, just wait until afterwards when the oxytocin, dopanine, etc. FWBs are great for guys but not so much for ladies. Let me tell you right now. I was told by all my friends, people I asked on the internet, random friends of friends, almost everyone I talk to about this, and they ALL told me not to Virgin looking for a fuck buddy it. Oh girl it is so hard. I promise you.

First of all, thank you so much for your time and your advices! Raven, am 19 years old. Am really sorry to hear about your situation, Jenii. Well then, this brings up another question, How can I approach him and tell him? Enjoy being young. Hey again! I got a sort of update! I decided that I wont go for it, eventhough I want to so much, the consequences are too big to handle like you all have kindly advised!

I know now for sure that he is back from his trip. He came back Saturday. I didnt initiate contact, because I know he is busy and if he wants to talk, he knows where to find me and so am not stressing much on why is he not texting me yet. But when he does, I will tell him about my decision. The thing is, am keeping my options open, but I favour him more, because other than the sexting, we have very similar mentalities and despite meeting other guys, I felt more connected to him.

I read articles here about when to have sex with the guy and I was scared the same applies in my situation too, even though we technically didnt have sex yet. So I know that guys dont often look at their sex buddies as relationship material and would settle for fwb without considering to change.

I think the best way to decide this is to have a serious think about how you will feel when he comes to you and says he has met someone he wants to be with? If you really feel that it wouldnt bother you to know he is dating other girls and potentially sleeping with them then go for it! I personally would avoid it as after my FWB experience I ended up losing an awesome friend out of it and it took me nearly a year to get over it : Good Luck!

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I have thought of it multiple times, and I always came to the same conclusion, he is free to date others the way am entitled to see others as well! I would have no grudge against him and as much as I hate this phrase, it is true : There are plenty of fishes in the sea! And even if this particular fish, which I found great, escaped my grip, am sure I will find other!

And possibly even better! I was hoping if I could instead, get a chance to date him! Thanks for your advice! It must have been quite hard indeed to get over him. All the best x. Name required :. Mail will not be published required :. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by A New Mode, Inc.

Virgin who wants FWB — hi again. Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 of 9 total. July 24, at pm Reply. OR is it normal worry jusging by situation potentially losing my virginity to him Your advices and opinions are highly appreciated! I am going to be bluntly honest—this is a very bad idea! July 25, at am Reply.

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Virgin looking for a fuck buddy

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