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Toggle User area. Toggle search bar. Judd Apatow directed this movie in Interpreted by. Plot — Andy Stitzer has a good job, good friends, a comfortable house and a substantial collection of superhero comics and puppets. Everything in his life seems perfect, except the fact that Andy is 40 and he's still a virgin.

His friends decide that it's time for him to experience love and try to help him. When Andy begins dating Trish, a beautiful woman of his same age, they persuade themselves that the right moment is arrived, but they are unaware that the couple has set the relationship on a basic rule: no sex.

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Sort by Date Rates Comments Random. I respect women! I love women! I respect them so much that I completely stay away from them! All you got to do is use your instincts. How do you think a lion knows to tackle a gazelle?

It's written, it's a code written in his DNA, says: "tackle the gazelle". And believe it or not, in every man there's a code written that says: "tackle drunk bitches". Romany Malco - Jay [Tag: drunkennessinstinct ]. Let's see, there are things like body rubbing or dry humping.

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Play with yourself. Have you ever heard of the term You are gonna be so bad at sex the first time that you don't wanna have sex with someone you like, 'cause they'll think you're a weirdo for being so lame at it. So you wanna have sex with "hood rats" so that by the time you get to a girl that you do like, you won't be terrible at sex, you'll be mediocre at it. I'm cool, I got friends who fuck guys… in jail. It's about connections. I'm just celibate. I mean, that sounds gay. Does that come in a V- neck? I'm really excited about it. Uh, for the first time today, I woke up, I came to the store, and I feel confident to say to you that if you don't take this Michael McDonald DVD that you've been playing for two years straight off, I'm going to kill everyone in the store and put a bullet in my brain.

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Not eveybody's a pussy magnet. You, uh, what are you, 25? It's about talking to women, and I know how to do that because I observe, because I am a novelist. I just want you to know this is, like, the first conversation of, like, three conversations that le to you being gay.

Like, there's this and then in a year it's like: "oh, you know, I'm kinda gonna want to get back out there, but I think I like guys", and then there's the big "oh, I'm I'm a gay guy now". Seth Rogen - Cal [Tag: conversationhomosexuality ].

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We went to Tijuana, Mexico, you know? And we thought it would be fun, you know, to go to a show.

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Everybody says "you gotta check out one of these shows". We get there and we think it's gonna be awesome and It's kinda gross. Seth Rogen - Cal [Tag: animalsdisgustsex ]. Why weren't we invited to the party? What are we, Al Qaeda? I always feel bad when I watch it baked because I get really hungry and I'm eating a lot and poor Gandhi is starving his ass off.

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I am not interesting. What am I supposed to say? I went to magic camp?

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That I'm an accomplished ventriloquist? More Judd Apatow Movies. Knocked Up Trainwreck This Is James Franco actorfilm directorwriterscriptwritertop model. Katherine Heigl actorfilm producer. Jessica Alba actor. Jay Baruchel actorvoice actor. Bill Hader actorvoice actorfilm producerscriptwriter.

Virgin i want some

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