Texting friends and a workout buddy

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Workout buddies are awesome: They motivate you, inspire you, keep you able, and even offer up a little friendly competition. Having a workout buddy or a jogging partner is one of the easiest ways to stay on track and achieve your fitness goals. Thanks to social networks, you can sort of simulate the experience of having a work out partner with a fitness app that pits you against friends, acquaintances, and strangers.

No workout partner? No problem. Here are four apps that use social networking—and perhaps a teensy bit of competition—to motivate you to work out. Pact is maddeningly simple: You make a pact to work out, and if you fail to keep it, you pay. If you do keep your pact, you get money—paid from the pockets of members who failed to keep their pacts. If you keep your pacts, the app pays you.

Pact offers three different types of pacts: A gym pact, a food logging pact, and a veggie pact. The food logging pact and veggie pact are a little more forgiving: Food logging simply requires that you log your meals with My Fitness Palwhile veggie asks you to take photos of your veggie servings. Like Facebook, Fitocracy free; iOS and Android is a full-fledged social media site with profiles, status updates, and friends—it just happens to have a fitness angle. Unlike Facebook, Fitocracy has a heavy gamification element.

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Each workout or exercise you perform and track on the social network earns you points, badges, and levels. Fitocracy is essentially a workout tracker that ties into the social network. With the app, you can easily log your workouts and earn pointsdiscover new programs, and follow friends.

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Unlike Pact, Fitocracy is both a community and a competition. RunKeeper free; iOS and Android is a fitness tracking app that lets you map courses via GPS, log workouts, set goals, and track your progress. With RunKeeper, you can follow your friends and encourage them with comments and likes as they train.

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RunKeeper also has personal, custom leaderboards, so you can see how you stack up against your friends each month. For people who like to dabble in other social networks, the app also connects with Facebook and Twitter so you can share your workouts and maps. RunKeeper is a nice catchall app for cardio freaks. Not only can you log all types of cardio workouts including gym workoutsyou can also use the app to discover goal-based training programs and keep a record of your personal bests.

Most fitness apps and gadgets are skewed, at least slightly, toward runners. But there are a handful of useful apps for lifters out there. BodySpace— BodyBuilding.

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You can also add and follow friends, for motivation or inspiration on your fitness journey. Friends are different from followers: Anyone can follow you and you can follow anyonebut only friends will share that mutual connection.

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Working out with a partner is great, but working out with your phone can be even better. They also let you work out with the partner of your choice, whether that partner lives one town over or across the world. Just remember: The main reason workout buddies are so useful is that they force you to be able. So if you really want a fitness social network to help you out, make sure to maintain that ability by filling out your profile, posting pictures, and adding as many friends and followers as you can.

Texting friends and a workout buddy

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