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AllenJ. Tippett: The characteristics of United States hail reports: — Severe Storms Meteor. AshleyW. Krmenecand R. Schwantes: Vulnerability due to nocturnal tornadoes. BlairS. Leighton: Creating high-resolution hail datasets using social media and post-storm ground surveys. BrimelowJ. Taylor: Verification of the MESH product over the Canadian prairies using a high-quality surface hail report dataset sourced from social media.

BrowningK. Foote: Airflow and hail growth in supercell storms and some implications for hail suppression. BruningE. MacGorman: Theory and observations of controls on lightning flash size spectra. CareyL. Rutledge: The relationship between precipitation and lightning in tropical island convection: A C-band polarimetric study. CecilD. ConwayJ. DardenC. NadlerB. CarcioneR. BlakesleeG. Stanoand D. Buechler: Utilizing total lightning information to diagnose convective trends.

DeierlingW. Petersen: Total lightning activity as an indicator of updraft characteristics. PetersenJ. LathamS. Ellisand H. Christian: The relationship between lightning activity and ice fluxes in thunderstorms. DennisE. Kumjian: The impact of vertical wind shear on hail growth in simulated supercells.

DoburJ. DoswellC. Brooksand M. Kay: Climatological estimates of daily local nontornadic severe thunderstorm probability for the United States. GauthierM. PetersenL. Careyand H. Christian Jr. GoodmanS. GrantL. HeymsfieldA. Part IV: Graupel and hail growth mechanisms Snowed inwant to chat 2230 through particle trajectory calculations.

Saltikoff: Social media as a source of meteorological observations.

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KalinaE. FriedrichH. Morrisonand G. Bryan: Aerosol effects on idealized supercell thunderstorms in different environments. FriedrichB. MottaW. DeierlingG. Stanoand N. Rydell: Colorado plowable hailstorms: Synoptic weather, radar, and lighting characteristics. KnightC. Knight: Hailstorms in severe convective storms.

Severe Convective Storms, Meteor.

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Schlatterand T. Schlatter: An unusual hailstorm on 24 June in Boulder, Colorado. Part II: Low-density growth of hail. KumjianM. KhainN. BenmosheE. IlotovizA. Ryzhkovand V. Phillips: The anatomy and physics of Z DR columns: Investigating a polarimetric radar ature with a spectral bin microphysical model. MansellE. MillerL. Fankhauserand G. Foote: Precipitation production in a large Montana hailstorm: Airflow and particle growth trajectories. MosierR. SchumacherR. Orvilleand L. Carey: Radar nowcasting of cloud-to-ground lightning over Houston, Texas. NelsonS. OrtegaK. SmithK. ManrossA.

KolodziejK. ScharfenbergA. Wittand J. ParkH. RyzhkovD. RasmussenR. Pruppacher: A wind tunnel and theoretical study of the melting behavior of atmospheric ice particles.

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Heymsfield: Melting and shedding of graupel and hail. Part II: Sensitivity study.

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RegesH. DoeskenJ. TurnerN. NewmanA. Bergantinoand Z. RisonW. KrehbielR. ThomasD. Rodehefferand B. UnionAbstract AE23B RudloskyS. Fuelberg: Documenting storm severity in the mid-Atlantic region using lightning and radar information. RyzhkovA. KumjianS. Gansonand A. Khaina : Polarimetric radar characteristics of melting hail. Part I: Theoretical simulations using spectral microphysical modeling. Gansonand P. Zhangb : Polarimetric radar characteristics of melting hail.

Part II: Practical implications. SchlatterP. Schlatterand C. Knight: An unusual hailstorm on 24 June in Boulder, Colorado. Part I: Mesoscale setting and radar features. SchlatterT. Doesken: Deep hail: Tracking an elusive phenomenon. SchultzC.

Snowed inwant to chat 2230

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