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Posted October 14, Reviewed by Devon Frye. While personal autonomy is often of supreme importance for solo polyamorists, it does not mean that they are always emotionally aloof or callous to the ways in which their choices impact others. Some solo polys say that they are their own primaries, either because they find autonomy compelling or they are repelled by the primary-partnership relationship model. For other solo polys, the expectations associated with primary partnership can feel suffocating or leaden. Rather than a comforting embrace, these solo polys experience the expectations, demands, and configurations of primary partnerships as stifling constriction.

It is common for some solo polys to establish primary relationships with people who are not romantic partners.

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The shifting vagaries of romantic love prove too whimsical a base for some people to establish a primary partnership. In these cases, solo polys have sexual and romantic relationshipsbut they do not organize their lives around their lovers. Instead, they invest themselves in other elements of family, including friends who have become chosen family members.

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For these folks, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, or best friends can prove to be far more reliable and lower maintenance life companions than would romantic partners. One of the most culturally recognizable non-romantic primary relationships is a single parent who prioritizes the children over their sexual relationships.

These parents organize their work, social, and romantic lives around what is best for their children, and the kids are the primary consideration when it comes to making big decisions. Solo polyamorists often face misunderstanding and stigma both in society at large and within poly communities. Wanting to be single is not evidence of malfunction, but rather interest in other things and comfort with being alone or interacting with others. When this importance comes at the expense of others, it becomes couple privilege.

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Couple privilege is the often unconscious idea that committed, emotionally and sexually intimate relationships are fundamentally more important than other types of intimate relationships. In these cases, the couple will often close ranks against what they see as an external threat to their sacrosanct coupledom, and the secondary partner or solo poly can be discounted, emotionally trampled, and silenced in the process.

The assumption that the couple is the basic unit of society is so deeply embedded in our collective conscience that people are generally unaware of how it shapes their thoughts and directs their actions. Solo polys, though, often do not want what primary romantic partnership has to offer.

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Instead of trying to weasel their way into a primary role or hoping to undermine an established relationship, most solo polys simply want a full and equal voice in the conduct of their own relationships. Elisabeth Sheff, Ph. Elisabeth A. Sheff Ph. Relationships Essential Re. About the Author. Online: elisabethsheff. Read Next. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help.

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Single poly female

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