Sex dating in Wolverine

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Twitter users and comic book fans are going crazy over the implication of Wolverine being bisexual. This online controversy started with the still fairly new X-Men comic series. The X-Men have settled into the island nation of Krakoa and have started living next door to former enemies Magneto, Apocalypse, and Mister Sinister. In addition, the writers have been experimenting with the relationships and interactions between several established characters.

In addition, the three rooms are connected. This led to online speculation that the three were engaging in a sexual relationship together. That polyamorous relationship was then implied again in X-Men 7, which published on February In it, we see a scene of Wolverine and Scott sitting on the moon really and looking down at the Earth. The two talk about the scenery before talking about other views they like. Namely, Jean Grey in a bikini.

Of course, this situation has caused a hailstorm of controversy pointed towards Marvel Comics.

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And, of course, Twitter seems to be the battleground of choice for most of these comments. Though, a few comic book news sites have shared their not-so-positive view on the situation. Imagine thinking the fate of the entire comic book industry relies on who Wolverine shares a bed with….

This is gay-panic homophobic BS pic. My question is, who is buying this stuff? Everyday I see things that are woke and not selling or out of business. Yet, companies keep pumping this stuff out. Ultimately, there are three truths to acknowledge in this controversy. The bi-erasure going on in this conversation, 2.

The fact that Cyclops is also a factor of this situation, and 3. Not just Cyclops. Otherwise, it could just be that Jean is dating both separately. The constant referral of Wolverine being gay is straight up bi-erasure enforced by homophobia. Both and not just one. Also, can we talk about how most of this discussion is based on Wolverine? Yet, this throuple situation would mean that Cyclops was bisexual too.

The idea that people are more concerned about Logan being gay than Scott proves that homophobia is at the center of this situation. Of course, I could make an argument in favor of this artistic decision. After all, the X-Men have been Sex dating in Wolverine over and over again. Back inan alternate universe storyline saw Wolverine and Hercules kissing.

But just as with the Little Mermaid situationI am also able to acknowledge that some of the hurt feelings against the change are legitimate. And yes, it does change him in their views just as much as it changes him in ours. To ignore that and call people homophobes is just a self-serving fallacy. Part of that is cool, artistic integrity and all.

But part of that sucks for fans who have known these characters as one way for so long. Overall, this is a controversy that will blow over in a few weeks. Though, there is a question of how it will affect the sales of this X-Men comic series. Will fans protest and lead to the cancelation of the comic much like the situation currently happening with The Magicians or will LGBTQ fans storm the property to support it? Languages are fluid and change depending on how people use them.

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Sex dating in Wolverine

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