New york fetish clubs

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Blended BDSM and play ie sex stuff areas let you mess around with equipment like confinement cages, St. Andrews crosses, spanking benches, and suspension racks with expert riggers who will hang you from them —and then mess around with the people around you. Pretty much anything goes there besides consent violation, barebacking, getting excess fluids on things, or generally being an asshole.

Also, there is sometimes cake. The Hacienda Villa is what happens when a hedge fund manager decides to live his truth, buys a building in Bushwick, and fills it with polyamorous kinksters.

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In addition to sex positive classes and lectures, the Hacienda also hosts a wide range of play parties with specific BDSM and non-BDSM focuses for instance, an upcoming Kinky Tasting will feature an assemblage of tops offering various sensation experiences, from rope to whipping to spanking to wax, that you can walk through and sample like a kinky buffet. Kinky Riot is relatively new, and is geared toward the fetish elements of BDSM and kink—though they welcome both newbies and vets.

There are medical play, fire play, and indoor smoking stations, as well as the standard St Andrews crosses, suspension points, and spanking benches. I will say this right off the bat. If you do not like burners, this party is not for you.

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Monthly resident players offer safe, sane, but intense scenes in fire play, needle play, wax play, and impact play; onsite DMs and BDSM educators keep everybody informed and safe. Happy hitting. Or fucking.

Or hopping on one foot with a banana up your ass singing Eye of The Tiger backward. No judgment.

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New york fetish clubs

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