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Borough of Brentwood, PA. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, please do not use eCode Pin open the table of contents Table of Contents. Chapter Massage Parlors and Health Clubs. Amendments noted where applicable.

As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:. No health club or massage technician may operate or practice within the Borough of Brentwood without a to operate or practice upon proper application to the Mayor and the fulfillment of the requirements set forth herein and payment of the required fee. The amount of the fee shall be as fixed from time to time by resolution of Council.

AFees. No health club shall be granted a to operate until the fulfillment of the following:. All zoning, building, fire, electrical, plumbing and health codes applicable to the Borough of Brentwood shall be complied with. An application for a shall include the names of all owners, stockholders and managing personnel, their addresses, occupations and satisfactory proof that they have not been convicted of any violation of laws proscribing prostitution, pandering, obscenity, indecency or pornography.

Plans and specifications of the quarters proposed to be occupied shall be submitted to the Mayor, which shall include details of entrances, partitions, windows, openings, ventilation, plumbing fixtures, water supply, waste and vent connections. Such quarters must be equipped with separate toilet and lavatory facilities for patrons and personnel and a service sink for custodial services.

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No part of the quarters may be used for or connected with any bedroom or sleeping quarters. All tables, tubs, shower stalls and floors, with the exception of reception and administrative areas, shall be of nonporous materials which can be readily disinfected. Closed containers must be provided for wet towels and waste material. All equipment, shower stalls, toilets, lavatories, tubs, cabinets and other accouterments of the establishment shall be regularly treated with disinfectants and shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.

As a condition of receiving athe owners and operators of the health club must expressly grant access to health, plumbing, fire, electrical and other authorized borough inspectors to any part of the quarters of the health club for purposes of inspection at all reasonable times.

The health club must require and retain on file certificates of good health issued by a d physician for all employees practicing any services of the health club. Such certificates shall be renewed every six months. No health club shall serve any patrons infected with any fungus or skin infection. All personnel shall wash his or her hands in hot, running water, using proper soap or disinfectants, before giving any service or treatment to each separate patron.

All towels and tissues, all sheets or other coverings shall be used singularly for each patron and discarded for laundry or disposal immediately after use. Nondisposal tools or equipment shall be disinfected after use upon one patron. The applicant must have a valid lease or title to the quarters which meet the requirements of this chapter. No body massage shall be provided to the genitals of the patron. No person shall be granted a to practice as a massage Male for female body rub without satisfactory proof of the following:.

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In lieu of the requirements of this subsection, the applicant can furnish equivalent credentials by way of experience and training of at least one year's duration. The shall contain a photograph of the massage technician and shall be carried on the person of the massage technician or conspicuously displayed in the health club wherein the massage technician is employed.

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The application for a shall contain the name, Male for female body rub, social securityphotograph and fingerprints of the applicant and shall be kept on file in the borough office. Photographing and fingerprinting shall be done by the Brentwood Police Department. The Borough Code Enforcement Officer may revoke the of a health club or massage technician upon satisfactory proof of any of the following:. That the e does not meet the licensing requirements of this chapter. That the e has been convicted of prostitution, pandering, obscenity, indecency, promoting prostitution, keeping or maintaining a disorderly house or related crimes and offenses.

That the e has diagnosed or treated classified diseases, practiced spinal adjustments or prescribed medicines. That the e is guilty of fraud or willful negligence in the practice of body massage. That the e is a habitual user of narcotics or other drugs.

That the e has allowed or permitted an und person to perform body massage. That the e has provided body massage to the genitals of any patron. That the e has violated any of the provisions of this chapter or other applicable ordinances of the Borough of Brentwood or any applicable laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or of the United States of America.

Any violation by an employee of a health club or by a massage technician shall be considered a violation by the health club. This chapter shall be administered by the Code Enforcement Officer. An appeal from the denial of a or the revocation of a shall be filed with the Zoning Hearing Board within 15 days of such action and shall be heard and determined by the Zoning Hearing Board within 30 days of the filing of the appeal. The applicant or e shall be informed, in writing, five days prior to the hearing of the reasons for denial or revocation of the. Within 45 days after completion of the hearing or any continuances thereof before the Zoning Hearing Board, the applicant shall be notified, in writing, of the decision of the Board, which decision shall be final.

In addition, any health club which is found to operate without a current shall suffer the immediate revocation of its occupancy permit and shall not be permitted to operate.

Male for female body rub

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