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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn't specify when this week the bipartisan infrastructure package would be voted on.

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The House last month voted for a Sept. On Sunday, Pelosi didn't specify when this week it would be voted on. While Pelosi said 95 percent of Democrats agree on Biden's Build Back Better agenda, host George Stephanopoulos pointed out that Democrats need 98 or 99 percent agreement to pass the bills. Pramila Jayapal R-Wash.

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The spending package faces opposition in the Senate not only from Republicans, but also Democratic Sens. To pass both bills, "it's going to take work," Jayapal said.

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And I am ready, willing and able to talk to anyone about anything at any time to get that done. Josh Gottheimer D-N. And then, also, we should keep working on this separate bill on reconciliation, which I'm committed to passing. But Sen. Cory Booker D-N. This is one package that we're looking at.

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This is about the American people. And to get half of this done and leave mothers who are looking for affordable child care, Americans who are looking for lower cost prescription drugs, to leave people like that on the wayside, families that need that Child Tax Credit, to leave those folks on the wayside, it was unacceptable to me.

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Pelosi said that to get the necessary votes there would have to be further changes to the social spending bill passed by the House Budget Committee on Saturday. Adding to the complications is the possibility of a government shutdown. While Pelosi expressed confidence that the government would stay open, Republicans have said they will not provide any votes to raise the debt ceiling, even though the spending that would be immediately impacted has already been approved.

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Pat Toomey R-Pa. They don't need a single Republican vote.

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