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Falling into the golden arms of love and falling into the red hot lap of lust is a gorgeous, rare thing. So congratulations, babe. I get it. Women in the thick of their twenties are complicated, interesting creatures. And I personally think a difference in age can beautifully serve a relationship. I find a different perspective on life to be a wild turn-on. Love and lust do not conquer all, even though I wish in the deepest pit of my heart that they did.

All too often bullshit gets in the way of true love—like, for instance, an age difference. Age is not just a. You can let this drive you insane. You can let this lead to a dramatic, painful breakup. Or you can be mindful of your age-related differences and try to make it work. PSA: No relationship is flawless. You must never deprive them of this hunger. If you prefer lounges to dive bars, why the hell would you set your adult foot in a goddamn dive bar?

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Women in their twenties are still figuring Looking for girl in 20s what they like as they navigate the big, bad adult world for the first time. They want to see and try everything! If this is the case, you must encourage them to go. Go with them. You work hard and the last thing you want to do this Friday night is get wasted at a party teeming with twenty-somethings.

Let her go to the party. Do not force them to adult with you on a Friday night if they want to be crazy with their peers. For they will harbor deep resentment toward you. Love her but leave her wild, babe. Let her wear the slutty crop top. Let her wear the unpractical high heels that you just know are going to kill her poor feet in about two hours.

Smile and carry her shoes for her. They will have menial dramas. Try not to undermine them. When she comes home from her waitressing job upset because some other bitch waitress made up a nasty rumor about her, do not— do not— make fun of her for having such petty problems.

Remember when you were in your twenties? Pettiness and unnecessary drama is simply a part of life in your 20s—and it sucks. Have empathy. And do you want to make the woman you love feel lousy? If she asks for advicetotally give it to her. Be her lover, first. She will feel like she needs your input to do anything. And that will stifle her growth. Let them make mistakes and figure shit out the hard way.

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Do not rob someone of the experience of screwing up. Screwing up is so important because you learn unbelievable lessons when you screw up a big opportunity. You learn lessons on a visceral, guttural level—and it helps to shape you into a strong woman. When you stop someone from making a mistake, you are snatching their power from them.

They deserve to have these bad experiences so they can grow and learn and become better, more powerful people. This might be controversial, but I stand by it.

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If she is broke and young and working her ass off to make her rent, pay the bill. The fact of the matter is this: If you have a real grownup job that provides you with real money, and she is still deep in the struggle, the right thing to do is pay the bill.

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No one gets anywhere in life without connections, especially in New York or LA. Everyone in their twenties, regardless of what they say or how they behave, has horrendous confidence. Remember how it felt to be in your twenties. Being your twenties is like walking around with a giant open wound that anything can get in and infect. Do not tear your twenty-something girlfriend apart. Accept that you are dating someone who is in a very vulnerable place in their lives and work to build up their self-esteem. Believe her when she says she loves you. She means it with every fiber of her being.

Things change very quickly in your twenties.

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Especially feelings. Wish her the best.

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And let her go. You knew what you were getting into when you decided to date a twenty-something, right? And heartbreak will never kill us, anyway. Act like the grown-up I know y ou are. Good luck, babe. Let her be wild. But close your eyes. Pay the bill, if you can. Connect them, if you can. You Might Also Like Advice for Lesbian, Bi and Queer Women. July 2, Lindsay Curtis.

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