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Whether that something great is creating beautiful music, making amazing art, writing books that change lives, building their dream business, making people all over the world laugh, starting a non-profit, or just making the best damn home-fried potatoes for miles around. People try to bring you down. These are mere distractions. Stay to true to the path. There is no way to get to Awesomeness without first walking through that dark night. The valley of the shadow of death is located right under the mountain of your legacy. No one Lookin for somethin big just dropped off on the mountain top via helicopter ride.

You do not know what the end looks like. You keep making mistakesmassive ones. Remember, making mistakes is the fastest way to learn just about anything. The right answers, connections, and insights come at just the right times. Serendipitous experiences become the norm. Between all problems, mistakes, and setbacks, little beacons pop up in the dark and give you just enough light to keep moving forward. Could be financial, time, a career, security, relationships, and maybe even everything you thought you knew.

This can be painful and scary, but just keep with it. Your best insights are coming from beyond the mind. The only thing that can stand in your way now is an act of God. Written by Chris McCombs. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I want to thank you for the inspiration. I just read your blog for the first time last night. My friend Louis posted something on FB yesterday.

Thank you! Did you write this post about me? Seems like things that go wrong increases and there are more distractions when I start moving on something big. There will always be basement people the ones that want to pull you down and balcony people the ones that cheer you on.

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Commune with the balcony people. Give the finger to the basement people and keep moving forward. I want to go out and become something. I want to be known as the One who tried. Always gave his all. Today, i felt weak and unmotivated at the gym. One day at a time. Chris only been reading your posts for two days… Thank you… As one of your readers said.

Being on the clear path like that has got to be one of the best feelings in the world. I think a lot of the time all that negativity from others is really just pure astonishment and admiration, disguised. They never even thought of doing anything bigger. When you go after something. Thanks for posting! I just had the most negative comment ever from someone. Not to mention that I am having my shit days with full of doubts. So I just did read my s and saw this Lookin for somethin big. Totally at the right time!

It saved my day!!!! Thanks a lot! In any pursuit, the greater the resistance you face, the greater the strength you gain. So big life-altering changes are gonna cause some pretty fucking massive resistance. So true. Became a firefighter and EMT at age 39 the only female fully certified bucket fairie in the deptand a cop at Got laughed at, sneered at, ridiculed and even insulted. Good post Chris — we all have a purpose and are part of the chain gang…. Chris, came across to your blog thru a posting on LinkedIn.

Keep blogging! This was the bomb! My inspiration at am. Thank you Chris. This post gives me and other people a lot more confidence in their walk! Quoting you as my status on FB. Love this! Can hugely relate to 4, 6, 9 and 15 right now. Thanks for another terrific post! When a door closes, a window opens. Dig it, Chris!! And so true about serendipity. I always seem to ready your blogs at just the appropriate time.

Thank you for that …. I needed that. Thanks Chris! Thanks for the great post brother. Really related to this one as I too am experiencing ALL of the negative and frustrating situations you describe here.

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But you know what? I AM on to something as I will be launching a completely retooled fitness business model in only five days. I am nervous as hell, yet very excited too! Thanks again Chris, you rock! Yesterday I had enough. Enough with the disrespectful behavior, enough with the begging, the pleading, the feeling like my head was going to explode. I actually printed out applications for the local charter school.

This gave me pause. Thank you. So glad I found your blog.

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LOVED reading this and 37 ways to be cool. Hey Chris, Thanks man! Great blog!

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But I am on to something! Thanks for the encouragement! When you just think about all the people out there in the world to help you. Then you think about the grand scheme of things. It is like clock work. Things come in seasons. The sun rises and falls everyday. Make today better than yesterday becausue we are not promised tomorrow! Glad to find your blog! A friend shared the post on 37 ways to be a badass, so here I am, and here you are, giving me the kick in the butt that I need. Chris, you have no IDEA how this hit home for me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I will not give up my dream, no matter how crazy people tell me I am or that I sometimes suspect myself. Love how real and straight up you are in this post. Definitely can relate to a of these! Amazing article. You'll never get spam from me!

Lookin for somethin big

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