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Please read our Commenting Policy first. Loneliness is often thought of as an issue for the elderlybut a new report says millennials — especially women — are also struggling. According to a recent poll conducted by the Angus Reid Institutewomen under 35 tend to express greater feelings of loneliness than other age groups, despite having social lives.

This is a jump from men of the same age, as four in 10 report similar feelings. This is something that year-old Coryl, who asked Global News to keep her last name private, understands. For year-old Nikki Swerhun, moving to a new city put geographical distance between her and her best friends.

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She has felt the effects of not having her network nearby. He works as a psychotherapist at the Centre for Interpersonal Relationships.

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This means that even if you have several close friends, you may be craving a different type of connection, or a more fulfilling social life. Jon Callegher, a professor at George Brown College who specializes in millennial sociology, says that an entire generation has largely grown up with the internet, which has changed the way humans interact.

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A report found that Instagram is the worst app for mental health, as it can lead to anxiety, depression, loneliness, and issues with sleep, body image and bullying. Callegher says social media affects our well-being, and people who are connected online may feel lonely or isolated in real life. For year-old Elizabeth, finding friends to spend time with is difficult, she says.

She calls herself an introvert, but says that she craves in-person interactions — off her phone. Both Peters and Callegher say relationships that are fostered in-person are especially important. Without them, we suffer.

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This drive for perfectionism online and in real life is a major barrier to having close friendships — something everyone needs to thrive. A study by researchers at Harvard found that more than cholesterol levels or physical activity, having strong personal connections with other people is the strongest predictor of overall happiness and better health. The largest of its kind, the Harvard Study of Adult Development, has been providing data on the same group of men for more than 80 years.

As the Angus Reid poll points out, feeling lonely and being isolated are often connected, but not the same. For both men and women between the ages of 18 and 34, more than four in 10 said they were lonely, but not isolated. Loneliness could also be a side effect of more millennial women moving into traditionally male-dominated spaces, like the corporate world. Peters posits that patriarchal spaces, such as corporate business, discourage both men and women from expressing emotion — a vulnerability required to create new friendships.

Sometimes, says Peters, all it takes is lowering your expectations of others. Creating and maintaining friendships take work, but perseverance is key.

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While it can certainly be hard to meet people in real life, spending quality time doing an activity or having a meaningful conversation is a more intimate experience than even texting. World Canada Local.

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Lonely women no more

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More millennial women say they feel lonely — despite having friends