I want a weekend date

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We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on thiswe may earn a small commission. Changing things up can help you connect in new ways. Find an idea that inspires you. While parts of the world are opening up amid the current pandemic, many of us still feel more comfortable staying put in our own homes — especially those of us with little ones to worry about.

If you need to refresh your romance routine, try one of these ideas to make your time at home feel a little more exciting. Dust off your recipe books or search online for your favorite fancy dish and spend an evening whipping up a restaurant-quality meal for two.

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Sometimes, just changing your preferred eating locale can be enough to switch things up. Get a baguette, cheese, grapes, and any other charcuterie items you like and spread out a blanket on your living room floor or in your backyard.

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Sit down and dig in. Swirl your glasses, see if you can detect tasting notes, or simply determine which vino is your favorite. You could also hide the labels and see if you can guess which wine is the cheapest and the priciest based on taste. And your kids will enjoy the leftovers the next day. Grab whatever art supplies you have on hand — markers, crayons, watercolors, or even the random pens from your junk drawer — and challenge each other to draw the same still-life scene.

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Try setting up a tableau on your kitchen table with fruit or whatever items you have I want a weekend date the house. This one takes a bit of an investment but your family will reap the benefits all summer long. Set up a projector on a blank wall in your backyard and have an al fresco movie night complete with popcorn and comfy blankets. But stepping outside your comfort zone together can be a great way to bond and remember to not take yourselves too seriously. Chill out with a more low-key exercise experience that can invigorate your body and your mind.

After challenging your bodies with the different postures, you can get the full blissed-out experience by doing a short meditation following the workout. Dig through your bathroom cabinets for moisturizer, face masksand any other beauty product you may have been saving for someday. Put on robes, slice up some cucumbers and lemons to make spa water, and have a night of relaxation.

You may even be inspired to trade off giving each other massagesadding an even more romantic element to the activity. Channel your favorite HGTV duo and take on a little home DIY that will give your space a nice makeover and help you both feel a sense of accomplishment. Make this task fun by doing a fashion show to help each other decide what to keep and what to toss. No judgment if you do a little online shopping to fill up that newly empty closet space. You can play as a team to complete a mission or against each other to see who earns bragging I want a weekend date.

Chances are that you have a few old games lying around your home. Then, play them with your kids the next day and show them what you guys did for fun before TikTok existed. But you can have the experience in your own home if your local spot is offering livestream DJ sets like The Wildcat Lounge in Santa Barbara, California.

Deck yourselves out, make some cocktails or mocktails! There are a of worthy causes needing assistance both because of the pandemic and because, well, life. Flex your altruistic muscles together by researching how you can make a difference in your own community or with larger-scale organizations you really believe in.

Not being able to do much of anything can give you new perspective on what you really miss most about pre-pandemic life. Use this time as an opportunity to sit down together and think about the things you both really want to do, together and as individuals, when the world opens back up. Add some greenery to your home or yard by planting herbs or fruit-bearing plants. Show off your skills with just each other and then challenge your kids to play using water or juice, natch as a family bonding activity the next day.

Pick a theme or a decade — and dress up in costume if you so choose — then settle in for a blast to the past. We could all use a little escape from the present so deliberately choosing entertainment set or made in another time will give you both a must-needed reprieve from Poker, War, Gin Rummy, Go Fish — all you need is a deck of cards and you have a full night of competition ahead of you. You can also play these games online if you want to make it a double date situation and bring some friends into the fun. Break out the tent and sleeping bags, roast marshmallows on your stove, and pretend to camp in your backyard or living room.

Reading the same book allows you to have deep conversations about something other than the pandemic, your work situation, and all the other stressors going on right now. Go out in the backyard late at night and spread out a blanket. For added spice, play naked. Working together on a task like this could take weeks, giving you both a sense of t purpose. Your home will instantly feel more romantic, no matter what you decide to do next. Set up a few different holes for your at-home by using cardboard to make ramps and cups for the holes.

The journey of creating the course will be just as fun as playing it. Plus, it will make for a great activity with the kids the next day, too. Chances are that your responses will organically lead to some intense in a good way! Sit down with some paper and pens and think about what you really appreciate about each other. Putting your feelings into words, and sharing your letters, will bring you closer and create a stronger sense of intimacy in your relationship.

Use your smartphone and create a short film together. Debut your work to your kids in the morning or share online with your friends. Dig out the scrapbooks and photo boxes or flip through your digital images for a trip down memory lane. Looking for the perfect date idea?

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Check out this list of 10 excellent healthy dates, including taking a dance class and rock climbing. A new study found that many parents say their kids have been eating fast food more frequently during the COVID pandemic. But health experts say…. Parentification can have long-term effects. Fortunately, healing is possible. Learn about some of the reasons — from common to serious — that your toddler might have a swollen eye and what to do next. Experts say children can easily transmit illnesses to other kids as well as adults.

Schools are also prime locations for diseases to thrive. As the of COVID cases in kids continues to increase, medical experts are advising parents to consider the following reasons they should get…. Share on Pinterest. Cook a gourmet meal together.

Go on a picnic. Wine taste at home. Challenge each other to a bake off. Have a paint-off. Project a movie in the backyard. Do a fun cardio workout. Take a virtual yoga class. Make it a spa night.

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Tackle a DIY project. Clean out your closets. Play video games. Challenge each other to a board game. Tune into a dance club livestream. Research ways to give back. Make a bucket list for the next 10 years. Plant a garden. Play college drinking games. Bowl in your hallway.

Hold a throwback movie or TV show night. Play classic card games. Go camping. Start a book club. Play hide and seek. Do a super hard puzzle. Turn out all the lights. Play mini golf. Have a deep conversation. Write each other love letters. Visit a museum. Shoot a movie. Go through old photos. Parenthood Life. Read this next.

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Medically reviewed by Karen Gill, M. What Is Parentification? Medically reviewed by Mia Armstrong, MD.

I want a weekend date

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66 Date Night Ideas to Inspire Romance