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Want to soak in a pool of steamy mineral water heated by the Earth itself? They range from rustic community facilities think bath houses in old buildings to hardly touched pools in the wilderness, with most found in the Yukon River watershed of Interior Alaska or on certain islands in the Southeast panhandle.

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Many of the remote springs are located deep in the forest or tundra, or along the shore overlooking the ocean, and require wilderness treks or charters to reach. But once you solve the logistics and make the journey, you may find yourself relaxing in a geothermal paradise that has pioneer or Alaska Native heritage—sometimes totally alone, surrounded by lush greenery in summer or rising steam over glittering snow in winter. Located at a privately run resort at the end of Chena Hot Springs Road about 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks, it has long been one of the most popular destinations—winter and summer—in the Interior.

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The reservoir has been tapped to generate electricity for the resort and emerges from ground at a scalding degrees Fahrenheit. After it cools a bit, the water fills both an inside concrete swimming pool and an outdoor pond rimmed by boulders and featuring a sandy bottom. The outside pool—open even during frigid, sub-zero cold snaps—is famous for winter views of the northern lights. Visiting Chena can be done as a day trip from Fairbanks or as part of a longer stay at the resort. Other hot springs on the Fairbanks-area road system include Manley Hot Springs in a private greenhouse about miles from Fairbanks on the Elliott Highway and Tolovana Hot Springsat the end of a mile trail off the Elliott Highway about 93 miles from Fairbanks.

In Southeast Alaska, visit White Sulphur Springs on the coast of Chichagof Island, just a short boat ride from the fishing outpost of Pelican about 60 miles west of Juneau. Or try Tenakee Hot Springsin a coastal hamlet on Tenakee Inlet, also on Chichagoff Island, about 50 miles southwest of Juneau by air and miles by boat. There is a group of 20 or so springs along the creek. A U. Access is by boat. The springs flow into the creek about a mile… Expert Advice First Trip to Alaska? How to Plan and Book?

What to Wear in Alaska? Which Departure Port? Cruise or Land Tour First? Cruise Only or Cruise Tour? Hot Springs Directory Map. Show Map. Hot Springs Directory. Chena Hot Springs. Circle Hot Springs. Manley Hot Springs. Pilgrim Hot Springs. Tolovana Hot Springs. Horner Hot Springs. Melozi Hot Springs.

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Dall Hot Springs. Kilo Hot Springs. Clear Creek Hot Springs. Bell Island Hot Springs. Serpentine Hot Springs. Baranof Warm Springs. Trocadero Soda Springs. Tenakee Hot Springs. Shelokum Hot Springs. Goddard Hot Springs. Kanuti River Hot Springs. Chief Shakes Hot Springs. White Sulphur Springs.

Hot girls in Klawock Prince Wales Ketchikan AK

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