Good girl bad girl married

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This one is for you! That got me to thinking about how these women were able to achieve what so many women only dream of earning the wife title and the undying affections of a man. Before getting into the meat of this article, a bad girl has to be defined and understood. But through her sexual exploration and experiences with the men she encounters, she learns a lot about herself, about men, and about the basics of relationships.

For her, sex often becomes a tool to achieve what she wants. So the question is raised: what can a good girl really learn from a bad girl in order to achieve her dream of happily ever after? The bad girl has taken time to learn her sexual triggers what turns her on and offand how to perform effectively to make sure their sexual experiences are amazing.

The good girl is known to have quite a few restrictions when it comes to sexual performance; she should take notes from the bad girl and learn how to become more comfortable in her own sexual expression. Spending time self-pleasuring and using mirrors during sex is a great way to help build sexual confidence.

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Asking for critique is another way to improve. The bad girl typically knows exactly what she wants when it comes to men. She has a clear understanding of what they want out of women and how to manipulate the situation to achieve her goals. What the bad girl gets in this situation is that sex is a natural human function that we all need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She can use sex to get what she wants, but makes it clear about her intentions before entering into most encounters. The good girl should learn how to be direct about her intentions in a relationship, but in a non-aggressive way.

Making sure a man understands what you expect out of him; determining the status of the relationship is critical in the early stages of development. The good girl is usually traditional about pursing men, and waits for a man to approach her while playing hard to get to deepen the chase.

The good girl needs to become more confident in her power to influence as a woman and go after what she wants.

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A man will appreciate the attention and effort, especially when it comes off as sincere and non-threatening. But they could stand to learn how to become confident about their sexual abilities and how to use them within their respected relationships to get what they want and create a healthy balance of intimacy and communication.

Take notes from the bad girl and practice confidence and pride as a sensual being with power to influence men and bend them to your will. Our commitment to showcasing the best and brightest as well as highlighting disparities in Black life has been, and will always be, cornerstone to EBONY.

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Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. August 19, She can learn how to get what she wants out of men The bad girl typically knows exactly what she wants when it comes to men. Margena A. Black Enterprise.

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Good girl bad girl married

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