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Founded inthe American School of Durango was the first bilingual school in the state of Durango. It was founded by Mrs. Agnes McClain Howard. Howard formulated the idea based on a desire to have an educational institution for her children to continue their education in English.

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Howard make her dream come true. Interestingly, the school has a strong connection to a former President of the United States.

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Howard contacted her friend, Lyndon B. With careful documentation and a developing program of studies, ASD gained official accreditation in the United States through the American College Offices of the Department of Education. In Septemberthe American School of Durango was officially founded with a community of students from preschool to early elementary.

The United States Department of State granted financial support to the school until the mids. The first location of the American School of Durango was at the corner of the streets of Hidalgo and Negrete. Inthe school moved to a building on Francisco Sarabia in front of the Alamedas.

Harold Jarvis bought the building and donated it to the American School of Durango. The school maintained strong ties to the United States and Mexico, for example celebrating the major holidays that are central to the culture of each country. To this day, the school has a school-wide student-led flag ceremony for Mexico and the United States every Monday morning.

Of note, too, in its early years teachers received training in Mexico City, as well as science training from the University of Michigan and reading program assistance from the University of the Pacific. In its early years, ASD proudly partnered with the community to train Bilingual Executive Secretaries Durango to evolve a four-year program. Students who graduated from this program were able to obtain jobs in banks and other companies as bilingual secretaries and ing assistants.

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The program separated from ASD in as the school evolved. ASD was also widely recognized for its flutes and drums Band, which played at school and community events a goal of the school moving forward is to begin a new Band program. Bya new high school was founded with the purpose of increasing bilingual education in Durango through an intensive American-based education.

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The first generation of students to graduate with an ASD American diploma, as well as a Mexican diploma, graduated in The High School students moved to the new campus in Campestre in The move of all students to a new campus was expedited by a major flood in that forced the Analco campus to close for 10 days as parents and staff dedicated themselves to rescuing furniture and materials.

Thus, the American School of Durango moved to its new purpose-built school in the school year. In the school yearthe school experienced ificant growth and now has a student population of students: Early ChildhoodElementary grades ; Middle School grades ; High School grades The school has room to expand to a maximum capacity of students. The vast majority of students claim Mexican citizenship; however, as the Mexican and Durango economies evolve, there is reason to believe that the school will soon have more students from other countries.

The American School of Durango envisions a school that is multi-cultural, bilingual, and offers students opportunities to Durango to evolve the knowledge, skills, and values that will foster leadership for the future.

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The city of Durango is a beautiful and historic city with a low cost of living. We are located in a city with access to most modern amenities but also a short 2 hour drive from the beautiful beaches of Mazatlan.

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Also, the Durango airport has daily flights to major cities such as Dallas, Ciudad de Mexico, and Monterrey. In Durango, you can take in the beautiful architecture, parks, frequent community events, and even visit the movie sets of John Wayne and others who have filmed movies right here in Durango!

La Sra. El Sr. Los estudiantes de preparatoria y secundaria se mudaron al nuevo campus en el History Founded inthe American School of Durango was the first bilingual school in the state of Durango.

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