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Toplease call ext. Not a member? If you are having trouble with an online course or training video, please try a different browser and if you are still having difficulties then contact the Technical Support Specialist at DWC Help Desk phone: This course discusses abuse and neglect of children, dependent adults, and elder adults. Also, included is information on when and how to report incidents of abuse and neglect. It is important to note the rules and laws governing confidentiality do not preclude a mandated reporter from reporting to the appropriate authorities when someone is being abused or neglected, is abusing Detroit sex free online neglecting someone in their dependent care, or is demonstrating suicidal ideation.

This training provides an overview of harassment and discrimination in the workplace including the types of harassment, examples of how harassment manifests itself in the workplace, what to do if you feel you have been the victim of harassment, and what employees' responsibilities are in preventing workplace harassment and discrimination.

This training offers clear guidance for supervisors and leaders on harassment and discrimination in the workplace including how to recognize and prevent harassment, what to do if you feel you have been the victim of harassment and explains the responsibilities of supervisors to respond promptly and appropriately if faced with a complaint of harassment. This course will take approximately minutes to complete. MDHHS requires that all members of the community mental health workforce complete training on the topic area of Cultural Competence at least once every other year. Training in Cultural Competence must be completed a minimum of once every three years.

We have additional eligible courses and training videos to complete. This course addresses the following topics: national, state and local emergency preparedness; weather emergencies; fire safety; and how to prepare an emergency kit. This training is deed to meet the MDHHS training requirement for direct care, clinical and administrative staff.

It must be completed within the first 30 days of hire and may be used later as a refresher course. Emergency Preparedness may be taught by employers and documented in the employee's HR record or this online course may be used to meet the state training requirement in this topic area. This training will cover the processes to request a fair hearing and a local appeal, as well as the types of grievances that can be filed.

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Your employer can and should have policies and procedures Detroit sex free online are tailored to its particular functions. You should become familiar with those mandates that are exclusive to your institution. Please refer to these documents for details about this update. Risk factors, possible indicators and the impact on the lives of victims will be covered. This course will take approximately 1 hour to complete. This course is only required for professional health care es in the state of Michigan e.

It is permissible to complete any live or online training on the topic of Human Trafficking, but some training on the topic must be completed annually for all healthcare es. This course is an option to meet the requirement. Please note, a brief evaluation will follow your successful completion of the quiz at the end of this course. Your feedback is required in order to receive your certificate for the course. Thank you — we greatly value your input! This training provides information pertaining to working with individuals who do not speak English as their primary language and who have a limited ability to read, speak, write or understand English.

This training provides training on employer Corporate Compliance Plans and information regarding general laws and regulations governing Medicare and Medicaid compliance issues in the health care organization. Every employee is to take this training annually. This requirement must be completed within 30 days of hire and annually thereafter. This requirement applies to all "Dual Eligible" Providers' employees involved in the administration or delivery of Medicare benefits, including but not limited to clinicians, billers, quality, utilization management, legal, compliance, and management.

This is a self-paced course. You must review the course materials in their entirety before proceeding to the quiz. Once you have reviewed the material sufficiently, proceed to the quiz.

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This course is intended as an alternative to the traditional Person Centered Planning for Children, Adults, and Families course which clinical staff are required to complete. It does not satisfy the PCP training requirement for staff with a Bachelor's degree or higher in the mental health field. This course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete and carries. This course will increase understanding of the person-centered planning process, as well as emphasize the importance and the functions of an individualized plan of support. This training provides instruction on the core principles of person-centered planning, and facilitating pre-planning and person-centered planning meetings.

It is mandatory for all clinicians with a Bachelor's degree or higher. This course discusses methods for reducing the spread of pathogens and communicable diseases.

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This is an advanced course for Assertive Community Treatment practitioners. The Advance Directives course explores planning for medical and mental health care in the event of loss of decision-making ability. An emphasis is placed on creating a welcoming environment and completing strengths-based assessments using Stages of Change. This course will take approximately 2. MDHHS require that all members of the community mental health workforce complete training in the topic area of cultural competence a minimum of once every three years. This course addresses the cultural competence model through the prism of historically marginalized populations, specifically through the American Indian population.

In standard DBT, different types of psychosocial therapy may be utilized as part of treatment. DBT emphasizes validation, a powerful technique wherein the therapist and participant work toward accepting uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and behaviors rather than struggling with them. Once validation occurs, it is then possible to establish goals. As a comprehensive treatment, DBT can:. DBT also integrates coping skills and specific behavioral techniques used to combat the disabling symptoms of mental illness.

This training takes approximately four 4 hours to complete and provides the following credits upon completion: 4. This online course series was developed by Ali Amirsadri, MD to enhance working relationships between direct support professionals and the individuals to whom they provide support services. Part 1 of 4 addresses the principles of establishing empathy. This module will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Part 2 of 4 addresses meeting basic needs and begins a discussion of brain structure and its impacts on behavior.

Part 3 of 4 continues the discussion around the impact of brain structure on behavior begun in Part 2 of this series. Part 4 of 4 concludes the series with final thoughts on establishing empathy, meeting Detroit sex free online needs, and the impact of brain structure on behavior.

This course will take approximately 4. This course will improve participants' knowledge in providing focused, targeted, and individualized behavioral health treatment. This course will take approximately one half-hour to complete. This course will explore the various stages of sexuality in children and adults with mental illness or a developmental disability. It will take approximately 75 minutes to complete this course. This course is intended for people who have completed Overview of Permanent Supportive Housing and will Detroit sex free online approximately 90 minutes to complete.

It will increase your understanding of how housing can be integrated into person-centered planning and improve your ability to assess and address individual preferences for housing and community support. This course will take approximately two hours to complete. This course will take approximately 0. This course will inform how to distinguish among a pain diagnosis, a substance use disorder, or a co-occurring substance use and pain disorder, as well as identify the medical treatments available for prescription drug addiction.

Foundations of Self-Determination examines the principles and tenets of Self-Determination. This course demonstrates the ability of all persons to live a life as independent as possible and to achieve their personal goals and dreams. This course should take approximately one hour to complete. This course earns 1. This training also counts for 1.

The "Stages of Change" course is recommended for clinicians and peer support Detroit sex free online who have completed "Substances of Abuse" and would like to deepen their knowledge of helping people recognize their stage on the journey of recovery.

This course is approved for 1. The "Substances of Abuse" course is recommended for clinicians and peer support specialists who wish to gain understanding of common types of substance use and abuse. This supplemental training by Angela Griffin, LMSW will initiate a better understanding of the scope of suicide among our veteran population, as well as the dire importance of recognizing early s and symptoms in order to prevent suicide by veterans.

Also included in this training is Information detailing how to refer a veteran for care at our local Veterans Administration Medical Center Hospital. This training is approved for 1. This supplemental training by Alexander E. Crosby, MD, MPH, provides information relative to the fundamental definition of suicide and its notable impact on public health. As well, participants will observe a comprehensive discussion on the misuse of alcohol and how it's association with suicide has varied implications relative to both ethnicity and race.

Participants will learn how to use the National Violent Reporting System as an informative resource for suicide data. This course is a five 5 part series upon which each series is a building block toward preventing, avoiding and resolving resistance. One of the pivotal points of effective therapy is the successful management of resistance. Clifton Mitchell acknowledges that most behavioral health professionals have been trained in the theoretical approaches for resistance; however the techniques covered in this particular series should be integrated with theoretical approaches and applied across the vast array of challenges that individuals may experience.

Mitchell defines resistance and presents a model that empowers therapists in their objective of managing resistant individuals. This course will take approximately one hour 15 minutes to complete and carries 1. This course is Part 2 of a five 5 part series whereby Dr.

Clifton Mitchell delves further in a discussion about the general principles for dealing with resistance. This course is Part 3 of a five 5 part series whereby Dr. Clifton Mitchell identifies and discusses more specific approaches and techniques with particular attention dedicated to utilizing the inherent poser of language to circumvent resistance in individuals. This course will take approximately one hour to complete and carries 1.

This course is Part 4 of a five 5 part series whereby Dr. Clifton Mitchell addresses the possible impasses a therapist may experience with resistant individuals. Essentially, Dr. Mitchell suggests appropriate approaches to be utilized when an individual responds; "Yes, but

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