Desperately lonely man

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New statistics from relationship charity Relate and dating site eharmony have drilled down further and highlighted how single men are finding loneliness more difficult. In his article, Men and isolationcounsellor Patrick McCurry notes how for many men coming to therapy, loneliness is at the core. But usually underlying these symptoms is a feeling of loneliness.

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Patrick explains how women are often brought up to be in relationships with others and form strong social bonds. Men however are more likely to stand alone. Relationship expert at eharmony, Rachael Lloyd agrees, explaining that typically men are less open with their feelings and less likely to lean on friends and family for support. Adding to this, Rachael explains that often men crave romantic intimacy more than women. I felt I was letting people down, but I realise that by staying on the web and maybe eventually falling into the clutches of the spider, I would be letting not only myself down, but also everyone I cared for and loved.

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If you want to try a different approach, you may want to consider hypnotherapy. Learn more and find a hypnotherapist at Hypnotherapy Directory.

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Remember, none of us have to do this alone. Would you like to contribute to happiful? Get in touch. Rachael however warns against jumping into a new relationship too quickly. Next How to work through panic attacks 8 July Finding freedom in a lockdown 8 July

Desperately lonely man

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Single men are suffering most from loneliness right now