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This site uses cookies for many different site operations such as improving website experiences, analytics, remembering preferences or settings, enabling social media interactions, interest-based advertising, and marketing. Our Cookie Policy provides more information and choices about our cookie use. Now! Massachusetts Clubs Parties Groups. Sterling Sterling is a swingers club in Needham Heights Massachusetts. Swingers Clubs List Add Club.

Sterling - Needham HeightsMassachusetts. Sterling is New England's longest running party under the same "management".

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You will find an eclectic assortment of couples and single women, and not much in the way of drama. Events are open to couples and single women only, with the exception that single men are welcome to host a party in their home. Our fantasy? That everyone will be happy with all the music and that no one will find the temperature to be either too hot or too cold.

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So dress lightly, 'cause the evening's going to get very warm, very quickly. Guys, look at what your woman is wearing - do you really want to wear that cable-knit sweater and wool pants considering that we will be setting the thermostat to keep her comfortable?

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We can be reached between AM and midnight at Voice only please, as we will need to verify that you are not a teen ager and are not a single male. We will answer blocked s, so if you are shy, feel free to block your .

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First off - why only one pictures? The short answer - because our real-world business involves children. That being said, we do need to post some discreet pics. With approximately couples and 60 single women on our mailing list, our personal pictures would not be representative anyway. We seek others interested in meeting in social, no-pressure, potentially sexual situations.

The majority of couples are in their 30s and 40s, with more than a few in their 20s and 50s. We host the occasional "35 and under" party so that younger couples can have an evening when they can avoid the 70s and 80s music. Yes, we do remember what it was like to be young er. It is our opinion that one of the best ways to meet potential partners is to become on-line friends, then meet at a party.

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That way there is no pressure; if things don't click when you meet in person, you can thank them for meeting and move on. OK, it's not that simple, but easier than In the past, we have sponsored what we refer to as "Ladies' Choice" parties. With the exception of a male hosting a party in his home, these are the only parties that unescorted men are invited to. Women who are interested in several men at once or in series will go through an album of single men's pictures; we then invite only the men who were chosen by at least one of the ladies who will be at the party.

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Clubs swingers sterling

email: [email protected] - phone:(427) 323-8141 x 4507

Swingers & swinger couples in Sterling Heights, Michigan