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I try and come over to the east side on occasion just to go to Bristol. It can be a great place or a big nothing.

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This visit, in Novemberwas sort of in between. All three of my favorite dancers were there but two of them had guys lined up for private dances so I didn't even get to say hi. The bar was sort of cold, I think that is standard for the winter.

Why pay for heat? After chatting with the 3rd of my favorites for a while, we went to the back. Once we got settled she whispered I'm sorry they're being really strict so no touching today.

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About one minute later the bouncer showed up and lectured me about the no touching policyand I honestly hadn't touched her. So, that was sort of a buzz kill. After the dance we talked in the bar for a while by ourselves and she said she heard that Sheriff Dept had been watching the place so they were being very, very strict.

She apologized again and then said I ought to try the Boxx Office near Portage where some of the Bristol dancers go to dance once in a while. So, since I had a little time on my hands I headed north. So I have to start by saying: is "no one has been paying all summer" a ruse dancers use?

Either way, that's the story I eventually heard from a thick redhead outta Oshkosh who made me happy in WELL under a song. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Yes, an early Thursday afternoon trip was in order to CB, and it was in special mode. Didn't seem like there was anything light-skinned in the place which is find by me Ratio was about a 10 dancers to maybe 6 customers. The bartender, in an unusual change for CB, was conservatively dressed, though nice and professional.

It's kinda nice--I know a lot of guys coming here Bristol wisconsin strip club to love the here-let-me-put-your-tip-in-your-cleavage ritual from a skanky former dancer but I dunno. I'm all about degrading the girls who pull their panties down and spread their legs on stage, but the role of a bartender is sacred, ya know? Anyway, first approached by a young slender, chocolate thing out of Milwaukee that went by Mocha.

Unbelievable ass, unbelievable C tits--acceptable-but-slightly-busted face, and a way-too-cheap weave. Milked her for a lot of convo, trying to eek out her limits--no FIV, everything else is open, doesn't "give up the pussy.

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The club is just north of Sun Prairie at a country road intersection with a couple houses and other businesses nearby. The Tuesday I stopped in was very hot and sunny out so entering the club the cool dark atmosphere was welcome. As I walked in I immediately made eye contact with a hot young brunette who was lounging belly down on a small stage to the immediate left as you enter. I gave her a smile which she immediately returned and I hopped a seat at the bar.

Waiting for the very hot bartender to get down to me I checked out the scene. Larger stage in the center back of the room, the stage is at floor level with pole in the middle and a knee-high wall around it, so it makes for somewhat awkward dances. The building has a low ceiling, so I guess that would mean you can't have a high stage. I saw a couple girls sitting at the long bar with what looked like regulars. I saw a couple more girls going in and out of the private dance area and the dressing room.

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Seemed like about girls total, 6 white, 2 black and all surprisingly attractive for a Tuesday afternoon. Shortly after receiving my beer a short athletically curvy girl with long dark brown sits down beside me and orders a shot and a beer. She lets me know she doesn't expect me to by for her, but apparenlty having a rough go of the day so far and needed a drink.

We start to chat and immediately hit it Been a while since I've been able to go out -- I keep meaning to venture beyond, but without a lot of discretionary time, I still prefer my fav CB--flaws and all.

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And Thursday was full of flaws. Got there at about 3 p. Which sounds good, except, wow, high "regulars" factor going on. Bartender was o.

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I'm beginning to suspect that the women here who have a "regular" will specifically time their "ya wanna go back? When the DJ finally called up girls to dance, it felt like only three rotated through--I've heard dancing is required for everyone there, but I think they get to forgo their turn if they're in back.

One of the rotation was Victoria I think? I've been to this place about 3 times ly, and was able to enjoy myself each time. I arrived about in the evening and apparently it was soon shift change. There was nobody on stage and only 1 girl in sight sitting with a regular. Some dancers wandered back and forth from the dressing room to the dj booth.

Since nobody was dancing, I wonder what was the attraction in the dj booth. Anyways, when the bartenders changed, the dancers started appearing, but they walked around the club and disappeared again into the dressing room. Suddenly one dancer walked over and leaned on the bar and introduced herself and asked if I wanted a dance. I said since there wasn't anything going on and it didn't look like that was going to change, not right now.

Maybe later. She pulled her top down and asked for a tip, and I Bristol wisconsin strip club not this time. She asked if I didn't know how to tip and I answered that I knew how to tip but that I just wasn't going to. She said that's fuckin' weird and walked away. Maybe some of them need to learn that a tip is payment for services rendered, and since she didn't provide any services, not to mention a minimum of conversation, I didn't feel any obligation to tip. Anyways, I spent enough time to nurse 2 beers and nobody hit the stage, and I only saw 2 dancers walking around, I didn't feel the need to stick around.

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Bristol wisconsin strip club

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