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Learn more about her work on her web site and Instagram. After some time I realized the enormous diversity between them, all those possibilities of expressing the feminine enchanted me and I saw there an opportunity to do a relevant work by bringing this plurality to the surface, contributing to the deconstruction of stereotypes and, above all, to the construction of new and more realistic perception of these women.

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Brazil is also the country that consumes most pornography with this population, so as you can figure, we live in a pretty sick society when it comes to gender and sexuality. The life expectancy of a trans woman or transvestite in Brazil is 35 years old. The degree of social invisibility of trans people in Brazil is so great that there are no official studies or data that can map this segment across the country in order to promote human rights policies, in the fight against violence, and in the creation of State Public Policies to meet the due demands, which are many.

Another conscious choice was to only photograph bodies without surgical intervention, precisely to show their natural beauty and prove that it is not necessary to have any type of surgery to be a woman.

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Bodies that have been transitioning for some time, bodies that are not going to change but are still bodies of women, women with penises, with or without breasts — many possible women. I invite people to ask themselves: Does simply passing as a woman define being one?

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Crianças e adolescentes transgêneros brasileiros: atributos associados à qualidade de vida