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The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. For those just starting out in their adult lives, the lost opportunities have been felt acutely. Studies were moved online, travel plans shelved, adventures with friends cancelled, potential relationships curtailed and access to mental health services more limited. We gathered four people from around the country between the ages of 19 and 25 to discuss the impact the pandemic has had on their lives.

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They talked not just about what they have lost but also what they have gained during this strange and isolating time. Dublin-based Conrad Oppermann 21 is a student at Trinity College Dublin, studying management science and information studies.

Iniolu Ekeolu 19from Dundalk, is a law and society DCU student currently on an internship with an ancy firm. Emma Roche 25 is a social care worker in Dublin who is working as a carer for a severely disabled young boy. Galway-based Luke Corcoran 23 is a science graduate who lives in a house share with friends. Conrad: I just feel like my youth is being wasted, taken by this invisible force.

I make videos as a hobby, and during the summer when things opened up I did get this opportunity to make a video for Tesla driving an electric car all along the Wild Atlantic Way and staying in amazing places. That was a highlight of the year.

It was difficult to get a job because the programme in my college was cancelled but I cold-ed people and I got one. So I am working Bored looking for younger home. Those are the few perks that come from working from home. But yeah, like everyone, I just miss seeing friends, getting out and about exercising, going to the gym, that sort of thing.

Luke: I studied microbiology and did my finals in the first lockdown. They went pretty well. It might have been a blessing considering what America was like. I was also planning to go to Vancouver and spend a year there with my friends. I was really looking forward to it.

Instead I spent the summer at home with my family in Co Galway. I went for a couple of runs. Played a lot of Call of Duty on Xbox. I was working as a kitchen porter so now I am on the pandemic payment. So you just have to keep plugging along. We have a good relationship and I feel very lucky to have a job at this time. She broke her hip back at the very start of the pandemic. She had to go into hospital; that was really scary.

If I was to list the grievances that I felt in this house in this year of lockdown I would be here for ages.

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But like Conrad was saying, you get to know your family again. And everyone was just screaming at the camera.

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It ebbs and flows sometimes, you know. My younger sister, Tobi, is disabled. She is high risk and so we are all very mindful of that. She had a very strict routine and obviously that has been disrupted. It was frustrating for her and for everyone in the house.

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Luke: During the summer it was just me, my dad and my mum for ages. You run out of things to chat about. There was a lot of Covid talk. It was the only topic of conversation there for a couple of months. I felt like I was going to crack up, so when a room opened up in Galway I moved here.

Because it is depressing. No one wants to hear about it. Emma: My mental health is quite up and down anyway. We rang two more hospitals but they told us nobody could come in. So I had to stay home with my parents.

It took days to get an appointment with a psychiatrist, and when I got one, it had to be on the phone, which is not the same. In normal times I have a crisis team and people who know me, so it was hard. A couple of my friends have gotten help. I think Pieta House is helping a lot of people. So I just soldier on. And again.

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So nothing going on there. I am not into the apps. Conrad: Same as Luke. Nothing going on. The apps are not my buzz at all. I prefer going out and meeting people in pubs or clubs. Nothing to report on that front. Iniolu: Actually there was this one guy that was trying to talk to me. I think people are just getting to know people out of boredom.

So I think: just take the time to focus on yourself, you know, self-development. Read some books. Listen to some podcasts.

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Do whatever you need to do. Emma: I am lucky.

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I met my boyfriend just before lockdown happened. I got in there just in the nick of time. I secured it, I planned it well and I am clinging on to Bored looking for younger tight. I am just grateful to have someone to moan and cry to on the phone. The vast majority. So when I hear negativity about young people I feel frustrated. Emma: I agree with Conrad.

When restaurants and shops were open, I had friends working who told me all the people who refused to wear masks or follow guidelines were older people. There was never a young person who walked in and refused to wear a mask.

Iniolu: Young people are trying to enjoy their youth. When people invite me to them, I get even angrier. I just think it all comes down to personal responsibility and just not being, excuse my French, an asshole about it. Like just stay at home. I think we just all want this to be over. I follow Simon Harris on Instagram. That was disgusting, honestly. We have this lockdown, and the s are down. Emma: I agree. It was profit before people every time. England was terrible, too, like everything went horribly wrong, but in fairness they cleaned it up so well.

They have rolled out the vaccines. And the fact that it took so long for the over 85s to be sorted is just wild. Emma: Yes, please, I want it immediately. Luke: Most of my friends are all for it, especially if it means we get to travel. Which is interesting. But, yeah, I study science and I believe the facts. Iniolu: My sister is definitely going to get it. And I think her carers are going to get it too. Luke: My grandmother passed away recently. So that was very sad.

The funeral was weird. It was just, like, 10 people in the church … it was bit surreal.

Bored looking for younger

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