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News reached Bangor late on Tuesday night of the death, under tragic circum- stances, of a fishmonger named Dominic Regan of this city. Whilst returning from Beaumaris, he wa. When he got to the scene of the accident. He cons lered that was a cruel thing.

The body might have been takeii into some building. The Coroner said it was very difficult- sometimes to know what was the best thing to do. It dupended so much on the par- ticular circumstances. There was a mis- taken notion in force that- if a man is killed the body must bo left untouched till the Coroner had seen it.

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There was no' ground for that notion whatsoever, and par- ticularly in ordinary cases. The duty of everybody in matters of this kind was to be hUffinJltt and to exercise their own judg- ment as to- what was t,hebe-st thing to do without any regard to anything else AfteT the Coroner had summed vp, the jury returned a verdict of ''Accidental death.

On Christmas night tlie proceedings were presided over by Councillor H. Councillor David Rowlands conducted. The principal prize-winnem were :—Solo to children unde 1, A. Solo clhidnen under 12 : 1, Hugh Jones '. Translation English to Welsh : 1.

Wil- liams, High street; 3, A. Williams, Car- narvon road. Sunday Sehool work chilc'ren under 12 : Seven competitors all of whom were awarded priz. Children's party: 1, J. Jones 'a. Yesterday Thursday evening, the Eis- teddfod was continued, Mr J. Wfttckens pre. Jones, and Menai, Carnarvonconducted by Mr R. The adjudicator had no hesitation in awarding the first to the latter choir. Recitation under 18 : 1, Ceridwen Jones, Orme road; 2, W. Jones, Hira,p. Ear test exercise: 1, Jennie Edwards: 2, Jennie Roberts.

Recitation under 18 : Tom Davies, Upper Bangor. Eisay: 1, Pentra th Jones, Pnngor. Translation Welsth into English :e 1, Sheff.

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The Crown ode Bryfdir, Bla. Tenor or soprano solo: 1, H. Wil- liams, Ba-ngor. Bangor sex con office 35 will appear in our next issue. The secretarial duties were effectively car- ried out. Davios, J. Roberts, B. Williams acted aa trea- surer. J-JJ L 1. An interesting wedding took place at Car- narvon on Friday morning. Much bunting was displayed in celebration of the event. Morris, J. The officia-ting miir-ter was the Rev David M. The bride, who was given away by her father, I looted very charming in a costume of white, cloth and picture hat.

The bridesmaid, Miss Winnie Morris, was dressed in a cream coth costume, with cream hat, trimmed with hydrangeas and roses. She also wore a gold 1 curb bracelet, the gift of the bridegroom, j At tho church were Miss Edith Morris, sister of bride dressed in a cream costume and a goblin bue hat, and pearl spray brooch, gift of bridegroom ; Miss Nita Tom- kinson niece of brideand Master Maurice I Cecil Tomkinsun nephew of bride.

Mr Charlie Dand, df Edinburgh brother of bridegromts best man. The church was beauti- fully decortod. They were the recipients of a targe of presents. Volunteers took place. Luroifihire- commanding tho battalion presided, and lie yeas' supported by Capt.

Evans, Quartermaster Armstrong, Lieuts. Jones and R. Davidson, Major Mills Roberts, 'Capt. Letters of apology for their absence were received frcm Lord Pcnrhvn, Messrs. Roberts, R. Gwyneddon Davies, and J. W, Wyatt, Alderman D. Lake, Mr W. Darbishire, Major H. Jones Roberts, Mr Charles A.

Jones, and Major Whiskin. During the evening E. Macklin, Miss Hamer, Copt. Howell Williams, Sergt. Turner, and Mr Willie Morris contributed to the musict. The prize-list was as follows:— Class C. Jones24; 3.

Williams, 21; 4, Pte. Williams Class D. Jcnes23; 2nd, Pte. Hope, 20; 3, Pte. Williams16; 4, Pte. II, Lewis. Aggregate: Pte. Recruits ofyards: 1. Svmonds, 24; 3, Pte. Roberts, 21; 4, Pte, T. Led- sham, Symends, 31; 2.

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Jones, 21; 3, Pte. Hope; 4, Pte. Davies, Symonds, Morris Tube Competitions: 1, Ro; W. Taylor; 2, J. Sullivan; 3, T. Pepper, Attendance prizes at drill: Best section, No. Eo; Billirg, il 10s. Best Recruits attendances for 1, divided between J. Jones, R. Hope, an Ir J. Syrnondis, 5s each; 2. Pritchard, 2s 6d each. CIa,6 A. Herbert, 29; 2, 'Sergt. Billirg, 29; 3, Corpl. Herljert, 27; 4, Privfte O. Larson, 27; 5. Private Hughe 26; f, -Cpl. Jones, 25; 7, Sergt.

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Lloyd1 Jones, 25; 8, Pte. Bracegirdle, Class A. Billing, 32; Sergt. Jones, 32; 3. Bracegirdle, 31; 4, Q M. Morgan, 30; 5. Her- I bert, 30; 6, Lee. Jones, 27; 7, Pte. Parry, 26; 8, Pte. Hope, Billing, 61; 2. Herbert, 59; 3T Sergt. Ckss B. First class shots. Williams, 24; 2, Pte. Jonc, 3, Pte. Roberts, 22; 4, Lee. Wil- liams.

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Jcneu, Clvss Hughes, 23; 2. Parry, 18; 3, T-Opl. Williams, 18; 4. Williams, 17; 5, Pte. Jones, 13; 6, Pte. Aiggre -nte: 1, R.

Bangor sex con office 35

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