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Seattle is one of the fastest growing and most expensive cities in the country. These nearby cities provide easy access to Seattle for a fraction of the price. The city of Seattle is beautiful, quirky and full of fun things to do, but its many great attributes come with a huge price tag — making it one of the most expensive cities to live in in the nation.

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Here are some affordable alternatives in the Seattle area that stand on their own as great places to live, while being close enough to Seattle to enjoy all the city has to offer. Planning a move to the Evergreen State? From jobs to climate to outdoor adventures, we put all the info you need in one place.

Everett, Washington Just 25 miles north of Seattle lies Everettthe seventh-largest city in Washington. Although just a minute drive from Seattle, Everett is a heck of a lot cheaper — 43 percent cheaper, in fact.

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Housing, although still higher than the national average, is ificantly cheaper in Everett. Residents enjoy plays, movies and music in the theater, built in The Schack Art Center is also a huge draw here, and hosts both local and international artists. Port Gardner Bay Winery offers extremely affordable local bottles as well as winemaking classes. This coastal town is completely surrounded by beautiful views of vast mountains and a rippling harbor.

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The harbor is lined with amazing waterfront restaurants and boutiques. There are many reasons why this Pacific Northwest state is one of the most popular in the country right now. Here are eight of them.

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Tacoma, Washington Located 45 minutes from Seattle, Tacoma has a lot going for it. This city is the perfect place for outdoorsy people to call home. It boasts one of the best park systems in the country, including the acre Point Defiance Park and the beautiful Owen Beach on the Puget Sound. Rainier is just 59 miles from Tacoma, and it was originally named Tahoma, which is where this city got its name. Rainier National Park offers any outdoor adventure you could want, including biking, climbing, fishing, hiking and boating.

Looking to move to the Pacific Northwest on a budget? Well, these five cities are a great place to start. In fact, it also scored a spot on our Best Places to Live list. Quality of life here is high. Residents enjoy the great outdoors as well as a lively and rapidly growing arts scene.

Boating and fishing reign supreme here, but residents also enjoy Capital Lake Trails and Marathon Park. And like Tacoma, Mt. Olympia is 34 percent cheaper overall than Seattle, with the biggest factor being its much more affordable housing costs. Alternative Lifestyle in Washington, Washington A popular place to live for those who want all the charms of Seattle without the big-city hassles, Bothell has it all.

This city is the closest to Seattle on our list, and has a commute time of only 25 minutes.

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Bothell is a great place to raise a family as it is very quiet and safe. It has a great school system, easy access to Seattle, Bellevue, and the Kirkland waterfront, and fantastic places to shop and dine. Keep up to date with our latest rankings and articles!

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Alternative Lifestyle in Washington

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