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For my fellow UAlberta community members who are restricted to eating halal foods, I thought I would highlight some options on campus you may not be aware of I certainly didn't until later on. If anyone knows of more, please feel free to put it in the comments. Vegas donair: Across the hospital on Street by Newton Place. They got donairs, poutine, pizza, and some other stuff.

Portion sizes are very generous for the price also get a discount for showing your OneCard. They got donairs, burgers, chicken fingers. Food quality is questionable Similar menu to Vegas.

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Filipino-style rice bowls. A locally owned campus favourite. Only the chicken is Halal. Indian food. Simple as that. Haven't tried it myself but heard good things. Not sure if selective meats are halal. I believe only their chicken is halal ask Alberta sexy chat the counter to confirm. They have a mix of drinks, cakes, wraps, and other stuff. Quality is good but very expensive. There you have it. Hope this helps next time you go in search of food! This might be contentious for some people so just be aware. I'm currently in first year engineering and I find everything very overwhelming, I take so long with doing homeworks so I don't get enough time to study.

I just finished 2 midterms and I only had a day to study for it. I feel like I'm sitting at 50 benchmark with some of my classes. They weren't that hard but the worklo are extremely time consuming including labs and prequizzes. I have 2 other midterms this following week and It's messing with my mental health. I'm planning on switching programs but I'm not sure yet.

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Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. Wandering Quad. Arts Server : To Be Created. Education Server : To Be Created. Engineering Server : Engineering for Noobs. Law Server : To Be Created. Nursing Server : To Be Created. Science Server : To Be Created. Other : All other miscellaneous Discord servers submitted by users. UAlberta Chat Room A chat room for this subreddit. Found the internet! Posts Wiki. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Posted by Alberta School of Business. Stickied post. Campus Life. Release of Vaccination Directive, Effective September Alberta sexy chat, Posted by 4 hours ago.

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Alberta sexy chat

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